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About Yuri

Hey there.

I’ll save my ego-boosting credentials for a little further down the page. First, allow me to introduce myself and share my story with you.

You see — you and I are not that different really.

I’ve got a busy life. I’ve got kids, dogs, and a business to run. I don’t want to waste my time with dietary approaches that are time-consuming, uninspiring, or tasteless.

I want results. And so do you.

But I’ve learned the hard way. And it took me about 24 years to figure things out. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes without wasting half your life in the process.

Let Go My Eggo!

It all started in childhood and got worse during my teenage years…

I would wake up in the morning, crawl my way into the kitchen in a zombie-like state, throw the Eggo waffles into the toaster, and then drench them in maple syrup.

That was a typical breakfast for me back in the day.

Lunch and dinner were no better.

It’s no wonder I spent 10-12 hours each day sleeping.

You’d think that with all that sleep though I’d be pretty energetic. But I wasn’t. At least, not until I was 24 years of age.

Growing up, my diet was so bad that I feel embarrassed even talking about. I remember racing my brother home from school just so I could get the last 2 hot dogs in the fridge.

And if those hot dogs were not there, then I would whip together a grilled cheese sandwich (on a big white bagel), pour myself a towering glass of chocolate milk, and plop myself down in front of the TV to watch Young & the Restless (Yes…I know…hahaha).

My only saving grace was that I was a high level athlete. I played soccer at a very competitive level and my goal was to go pro….

An almost unbelievable prospect (now that I think about it) considering how unhealthy my diet was. Nonetheless, I trained hard, performed well, and made my dream come true.

I ended up playing soccer professionally for 3 years in my early twenties.

But that all came to a crashing halt when I turned 24.

I was nearing the tail end of my contract with my club in France (Lille OSC), when something inside of me said, “There’s got to be something MORE than this.”

I was no longer happy playing the game I used to love.

A big reason for that was because my body was always tired and sore. And, I was no longer performing as well I thought I could.

Something wasn’t right. But I had no idea what it was.

Thankfully, that all changed when I officially “hung up my boots” at the end of that season and returned to my hometown of Toronto.

But before I tell you what happened next, let me rewind about 7 years…

Where Did All My Hair Go? It Probably Jumped Ship Along With My Energy!

It was my senior of high school and within the space of a few short weeks…

I had lost all of my hair to an auto-immune condition called Alopecia.

As you can imagine, it was a pretty tough time but I think I did a good job putting things into perspective. After all, there were people all around the world suffering much worse.

But wanting to get a handle on this situation and to re-grow my beautiful long brown hair, I hit the pavement and went from one doctor to the next and saw all the specialists.

Funny that all told me the same thing…

That they didn’t know what caused Alopecia or how to treat it other than “keeping it at bay” by injecting cortisone directly into my scalp.

Obviously, I declined.

Let’s fast forward now to my return to Toronto (at the age of 24) after playing soccer in

A New Dawn (and not the Twilight movie)

Still suffering from an auto-immune condition I had no idea how to reverse and with less energy than a solar panel on a cloudy day, I was introduced to an amazing opportunity…

The possibility of returning to school to study holistic nutrition. One thing I forgot to mention earlier was that I graduated with a degree in Physical Education and Health from the University of Toronto before pursuing pro soccer.

However, even with that 4-year degree, I had no idea how to eat properly. That’s what was so appealing about studying holistic nutrition. Perhaps, finally, I could get to the root of my health problems and solve them once and for all. And so I enrolled with eager anticipation. I devoured hours upon hours of lectures and course materials and was, for the first time in my life, introduced to the power of raw foods.

As I learned, I experimented on myself. It wasn’t too long until I found what worked for me — eating more raw foods.

Within just a few short weeks of going about 80% raw, I had re-grown most of my hair! At the same time, I had more energy than I thought was possible. Instead of sleeping 10-12 per night, I was thriving on just 6-7.

My skin was glowing, I had more mental clarity, and I was even recovering faster and more effectively after my workouts.

Life was great.

And it was this personal transformation that led me to create Eating for Energy.

It’s amazing that ending what I thought was my life mission — to play pro soccer — was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Doing so has allowed me to help over 65,000 people live healthier and fitter lives through my nutrition and fitness program — Eating for Energy being the one I hold most dear to my heart since it changed my life.

And now that you know a little bit more about me, here’s my more “professional” list of credentials — in case you’re interested.


  • Bachelors of Physical Education and Health (summa cum laude), University of
  • Certified Kinesiologist
  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • 13 years experience in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and nutritionist.
  • Former strength & conditioning coach (2005-2011), University of Toronto men’s
  • Creator of more than 215 workout programs including Fitter U, Fitter U Fitness, Treadmill Trainer, Amazing Abs Solution, Unstoppable Warrior Adventure Workouts, and more.
  • Creator of Eating for Energy and the Total Wellness Cleanse
  • Professor of Super Nutrition Academy
  • Countless appearances in local and national media including Breakfast Television, Perfect Fit, eTalk Daily, Global News, Maximum Fitness, Fitness Business Canada, VIVA, Wish, and others.
  • Inspiring health speaker for numerous organizations like Bank of Montreal, Advocis, Deloitte and Touche, the Canadian Armed Forces, and voted Best Speaker at the 2012 Fitness Business Summit in Orange County, California.

Let me put it this way…

If you want more energy, to lose weight, to prevent disease, and finally learn how to eat for amazing health, then I’m your man and Eating for Energy is the program you’ll want to use.

The proof is in the pudding and I know you’ll experience incredible benefits within the first few days of following it’s health-transforming principles.

I’ll see you on the healthier side.

Your friend and coach,

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author/Creator, Eating for Energy

Get your FREE Energy Audit!

Take this 2-minute test
to find out what’s
draining your energy
levels and discover
how to reverse it
so you can enjoy
all-day vitality


“With your program I have now
started to lose weight easily and
effortlessly, just when I thought all
hope was gone”

Dear Yuri,
Thank you your work is an inspiration for
me. I have recently been diagnosed
with Hashimotos’ Disease (underactive
thyroid) and have battling obesity for
several years. With your program I have
now started to lose weight easily and
effortlessly, just when I thought all hope
was gone. I have been using your
secrets for three weeks now and have
lost ten kilos. This is a BIG result. Yuri
Kind regards,

Jan Landwehr

“Eating for Energy” has been a
godsend for me.”

Hello Yuri,

“Eating for Energy” has been a godsend
for me. I switched to a raw vegan life-
style four weeks ago and your book,
emails, and video clips have helped
make the transition to my new lifestyle
so much easier. You have been an
incredibly positive, supportive, and mo-
tivating force for me. And here I sit four
weeks later….I’m already 20 lbs lighter
and have an INCREDIBLE amount of
energy. Thank you Yuri!!!

Mark Elliott, MBA | EDMC
Online Higher Education Senior Director,
Articulation and Prior Learning Assessment

“I can’t even begin to describe how
AMAZING I feel.”

Hi Yuri,

I recently finished reading Eating for
Energy and am now putting the
teachings into action. I have been
75-80% raw for almost 3 weeks now and
I can’t even begin to describe how
AMAZING I feel. My body feels stronger,
faster, lighter and full of energy. I love
your recipe section too. All the ones I
have tried are extremely tasty. Thank
you VERY MUCH for making this
outstanding nutritional guide available
to everyone. My life is forever changed.

Brad E.

“I’ve lost almost 20 pounds so far
and can’t wait to keep losing.”

I have definitely noticed a change in
energy when I eat raw or use the recipes
in the book compared to when I don’t.
When I do I feel ready to take on the day
and when I don’t follow it or eat meat I
feel lethargic and just want to take a
nap. I’ve lost almost 20 pounds so far
and can’t wait to keep losing. I think my
very favorite part of the book so far is
the end where you list the vitamins in
fruits and veggies and tell what they do.
Very very helpful!

Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

“My emotional well-being has
definitely been affected. I feel so happy!”

Hi Yuri,

I’m on week three of Eating for Energy
and I can tell you that I do feel better
already. My emotional well-being has
definitely been affected. I feel so happy!
Even my 10 year old son has noticed the
difference. He recently told me that I’ve
been a lot less crabby now that I eat my
veggies. I notice that I don’t have the
sluggish feeling that I used to have. I’m
able to get up in the morning and
exercise. I can roll out of bed without my
previous whining about “having” to get
up. So thank you and I’m looking
forward to the following nine weeks and
the other transformations that I’ll see!

Amy Crook
Oregon, IL